2179 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Suite D  / Decatur, GA  30033  / 404-481-5923




Go Vegetarian Restaurant provides a delicious healthy transitional diet, bringing meat eaters to a great tasting vegan meal.  For  vegans and vegetarians, this menu is the everyday amazing comfort food everyone enjoys.  We provide 100% vegan based foods using natural ingredients and working to provide Non-GMO foods.  Some of our items are soy-free and/or gluten free. These items will be indicated on the menu.  All orders are made vegan.  Please inform your server if you have any questions or food allergies before placing your order.




EVERY DAY 7:00am - 9:00pm

All take out orders occur a 10% service charge which helps to assist in better service, labor coverage, and to go supplies. Customers can opt out of this service charge if they choose to dine in. If a customer chooses not to dine in, they can receive a 10% savings off their bill if they choose to take a photo of their order or our logo and share it on any social media sites or share the image with a friend to promote.  

Parties of 6 or more will be charged a 10% gratuity fee  (These are for customers that are 12 yrs. old and older)

Dear Customers,
​Due to our employees traveling for Thanksgiving which resulted in a lack of coverage, we will be opening a little later for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

We will open at 10:30am for (Breakfast & Lunch, & Dinner after 12:00pm)  

Thank you for your patience.

10 % Savings for posting images on social media
10%  (only Police officers, Fireman/Firewomen, Emergency Medical Technicians/ EMT or Paramedics) Must be in uniform to receive discount or if an officer display shield

(We well come all police and sheriffs at our location. Free coffee and fountain drink with your purchase of any meals from our menu)

10 % Savings of veterans and active military soldiers
Please inform your server if you participate in these discounts 



​Last Order at 8:30pm


Some of our items are made from scratch. Please anticipate longer wait times for certain items, especially when traffic is busy. Certain items may not be available because they are sold out and may have to be re-made from scratch. We appreciate your patience.



From 9:00am to 11:00am